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News Flash, LinkedIn Is NOT a Dating Website

Lord, where do I even Start with this one!

My fellow girls. I’m entirely disgusted and dissatisfied. Why? Due to the fact that LinkedIn has actually ended up being an online variation of a New york city City street.

When I signed up with LinkedIn, I did so due to the fact that I wished to network with other specialists and additional my profession. Rather, LinkedIn has actually ended up being a go-to location for people to scream at me about my appearances rather than my portfolio.

I’ll elaborate.

Here’s a LinkedIn message a buddy of mine gotten recently. My pal is an appealing blonde, UCSB graduate, and tech employer in San Francisco. She had actually never ever satisfied or become aware of this man prior to – this message was totally out of the blue.

Topic: Adorable Smiles

What an adorable smile you have on here (on a great profile) you look resplendent in such a method that intrigues everybody that sees your profile. I was in fact checking out the list of my connections when I encountered yours, pulsed and could not withstand to state hi having actually seen such distinct charm.

I regards excuse composing such individual message to you as I comprehend that this Expert Networking website forbids it, however much like I stated, I could not withstand to state hi.

Please do you mind remaining in touch? I would enjoy to understand more about you.

Intend to speak with you quickly.


If this had actually been stated in the work environment, it would be categorized as unwanted sexual advances.

While much of us will most likely simply laugh it off, why deal with an expert networking website any less expert than the work environment?

Women have actually striven and come up until now to be dealt with similarly at work.

Now, this isn’t to state females aren’t striking on people on LinkedIn, too. And not all males are weird LinkedIn geeks. This is simply my individual experience. After speaking with a couple of pals of mine, I Understand this takes place routinely with a lot of females.

People (and ladies), if you discover yourself wishing to strike on somebody, that’s a-okay. All of us require love.

Just next time you wish to get your cyber creep on, follow these instructions:

Close LinkedIn

Download Tinder

Download OKCupid

Download Coffee Fulfills Bagel

Giant as much as your heart can manage

See the number of options there are? They are websites in fact planned for dating. Unlike LinkedIn. Hell, OKCupid even has a filter so you can discover somebody within a particular earnings bracket. See, it’s a lot much easier to keep the online dating messages within an online dating website.

Unless, naturally, LinkedIn has a “hot female” and “a minimum of an 8 out of 10” filter. Perhaps that’s a Premium function?

And naturally, if you desire a a lot more trustworthy piece of suggestions, LEAVE THE COMPUTER SYSTEM! Struck on a lady face to face. As long as it’s amusing and friendly, we enjoy that shit!

One last little thing

For this reason, to show my point, I did a little experiment of my own.

Just by publishing one modeling image of myself when a day for the previous 5 days, I have actually gotten over 1600 brand-new connection demand. ALL FROM GUY! My profile views increased from 200 a day to well over 1,000 a day. And naturally the utmost rude messages I have actually ever seen in my life time! It is beyond terrible. Hey, at least creeps are constant!

Please do not hesitate to comment, bad or excellent.

News Flash, LinkedIn Is NOT a Dating Website

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News Flash, LinkedIn Is NOT a Dating Website


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