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Lovely Feet and Great News From Isaiah 52 

How gorgeous on the mountains.

are the feet of those who bring great news,.

who declare peace,.

who bring great tidings,.

who declare redemption,.

who state to Zion,.

‘ Your God rules!’.

~ Isaiah 52:7 (NIV).

This is what the Lord states. Constant with the Lord Jesus’ last consummating command in Matthew 28:18 -20– the Great Commission, the Dad raises the sweet evangelist into paradise and kisses him or her for their founded guilty charm, sealing the job as greasy, post-victory.

And on the mountain the evangelist climbs up, both bringing a “high” message therefore they can get some singing resonance taking place. The “messenger” brings the Lord’s message with glee. The pronouncement of a message busily about peace, redemption and goodness is constantly welcome as the Lord’s kingship is shown for all to see, similar to Psalms 93:1, 97:1 and 99:1.[1]

This is great news at any time, particularly throughout a time of palpable condition; it breathes hope into a delight and the circumstance held for much better times; for the King of kings guidelines certainly– over all– now in truth. It may appear unusual that Isaiah’s working context is ruination– yet great news is most hope-filled in these sorts of desperate times as souls claim the last morsel of hope with which to hold on to.

What is declared is the homecoming of the Lord. In more plain terms, peace is clearly completion of dispute, war and risk; great tidings suggests there’s really little problem on the horizon– definitely absolutely nothing of contemptible note; and, redemption shows the reign of the wicked has actually stopped and those in chains have actually been launched.[2] The messenger brings their message in the sight of all this. They declare something that– in context– has actually currently occurred.

Therefore it is for us. We live almost 2,000 years for this reason from the most salvific act in the history of the world– where redemption was stated with finality in the reanimated and rose Christ. This is the cosmic background of our message. It is not a brand-new message. It does require to be announced with “newness.”

The stain of rage has actually considering that been eliminated. We are totally free. We must then live totally free.

[1] Allan Harman, Isaiah – A Covenant to be Kept for the Sake of the Church – FOTB Series (Fearn, Scotland, Christian Focus Publications, 2005), p. 359.
[2] J. Alec Moyter, The Prediction of Isaiah – An Intro & & Commentary (Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1993), p. 419-20.

Lovely Feet and Great News From Isaiah 52

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Lovely Feet and Great News From Isaiah 52


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